Real Estate’s Unsexy Pictures

Creepy Peeping Realtor

Creepy Peeping Realtor

Just happened upon a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle’s site, demeaning the mediocre attempts at using different types of photos and tours used to sell homes. Written by Anna Marie Hibble, she informs the casual house hunter that listings with an incredible number of photos attributed to it, is known as “house porn”. I guess the thought of the term just makes me laugh out loud!

Anyway, check out parts 1 and 2 of the articles here:

Least Sexy House Porn Ever
Most Unsexy House Porn Vol 2

Here’s the kicker: All you need to do is hire us to create a simple video for your listing, which will show everything the buyer would want, and never go overboard. We can also take some stunning still shots for the listing, and suggest which 5 would be the best to promote your listing. Think about the children! Eliminate the porn! House porn that is. 😉