Photo Lesson for Sellers

Photo by Scott Van Dyke

Larry from the Photography for Real Estate Blog pointed out an article today in the Wall Street Journal about some of the awful marketing techniques home sellers are using to sell their homes, most notably, using awful pictures.

You can read the article here.

There are a lot of great points from the article, including, “…nine out of 10 home shoppers begin their search on the Web”, meaning you should market from the web standpoint the most. In my opinion (maybe weighted), you should push as much of the house online as possible to potential buyers, best shown in video form.

The thing I find most interesting from the article is this statement: “I’ve spent many hours over the past few months surfing through dozens of slideshows of home listings on real estate Web sites. Many of them are just awful.” I would have to agree. I run into so many listings with terrible photos and virtual tours that are hard to control. If you are having trouble selling your listing, and want it seen by as many buyers as possible (which will in turn get you more offers in a faster amount of time), hire a professional (whether it be photographer or videographer).

A professional will be able to focus on the things that highlight a property, not the clutter in the corner, showing your listing off in it’s best light. And I’m not saying this just because I’m in the business of selling my services, but because I’ve seen the results from both kinds of realtors, then realtor that will spend the marketing dollars, and the realtor that will not. In most cases, the realtors that spend get incredibly better results (and incredibly better properties).

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  1. That was definitely a great article by June Fletcher. It really is amazing how many times people run into poorly-taken photos or slide shows when shopping for a home online. After all, chances are buying a home is the most expensive investment someone will make in their lives, so it is absolutely critical to have a clean and professional presentation.

    It was great to see that you mentioned video, as I really think that is where the market is heading. As more people realize the power and value that comes with video, I truly believe it will become much more mainstream.

    That is actually one of the things we are hoping to help change. At, our goal is to make a place where anyone can post their full-motion property video tours. That in additional with the variety of other tools and functions we provide, we want to help make a more informative and engaging shopping experience for everyone. I welcome you to check it out for yourself!

    I think you really provide some solid comments on this issue and I really hope it is something that can be changed for the better.

  2. Photography is a hobby of mine, and I have a great camera. With time, I hope to ba able to take awsome photos to showcase a home. Even though I am the person most people that I know come to with questions about photography, having the professional photos is an asset. I have not yet embraced video, but do plan to. At this point, most of the videos I see are in fact just slide shows, and I would rather to give the person the choice to look at whichever photo they want in whatever sequence they want.

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